FILTROS ZENITRAM accounts for more than 40 years experience in olive oil filtration.

Our objetcive is to acknoledge our clients´ individual needs in order to achieve a perfect and concise pre and after sales advice


Ours is a responsible company offering high quality products, a service verified by customers, whose machinery has been working for decades.

Volatile solids ( impurities) must be removed from olive oil as soon as possible since, together with sand and dust, there are protein sugary substances that ferment easily and can fill oil with unpleasant smells and odours: mold-humidity, vinegary, sediment, dirt, etc. They can also increase acidity.

In ZENITRAM FILTERS we have equipment for the total cleansing of the exiting decanting/clarifying or vertical centrifuga so that oil reaches the storage deposits completely clean avoiding therefore these physic-chemichal parametres.